Cyber Security Solutions
About Procysive Corporation

Procysive has more than two decades of experience in online security solutions. We offer unique and effective security and distribution solutions for a broad spectrum of clients across a range of industries.

Our proprietary solutions include the secure distribution of large data files, online asset protection, deep web monitoring, and state-of-the-art secure compression. We help you securely distribute large media files with minimal bandwidth, and then track any unauthorized instances of those files. No other company offers this effective combination of technology and expert analysis. Our success is based on proven interaction with highly skilled analyst and highly tuned technology. This combination provides for proven results or as we like to call it "Actionable Intelligence" . Unlike others who claim to be in the Cyber intelligence market who produce tons of useless information , We have a proven track record of getting to the core of the information , Using our skill and experience in producing something of value to our customers.

Procysive provides a variety of services some of which are details below.

Procysive's deep web monitoring scans the entire web so you'll know what people are saying about your company online—the good and the bad. We find unwanted instances of your brand, content, products, and intellectual property, and even track what's being said about you online. We ferret out threats before they become active—and protect your company, your intellectual property, and your people 24/7.

Stealth technology evades detection.

Procysive's deep web monitoring is done with a light touch. We hide our presence by dispersing our software agents through multiple secure servers located around the globe. Our non-intrusive process leaves little to no signature behind; our agents act like human beings, not typical search spiders. The bad guys never know we're there—or that they're being watched.

Unlike companies offering technology-only solutions, Procysive also employs a staff of trained cyber intelligence analysts. These experts interact with the raw data compiled by our software agents to filter and identify the most significant and immediate threats for our client base. The combination of deep web monitoring and active human analysis provides the ultimate in online security for both intellectual and physical assets. Our Analyst are assigned to each client as a member of your team. This practice rewards you with people that know your operation , In fact in some aspects as well has your own inside specialist and executives. This intimateness fosters a well proven benefit of insight and intuition in knowing what issue will effect our clients and what may not.

Procysive clients include large multinational corporations to small Law enforcement groups. To each we provide a world class service regardless of the size or budget. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile , being there when others are not and providing advise and assistance when it is needed most. Just ask our customers.